Tech Support

Northampton Area School District uses an annual technology fee to support a shared maintenance program. Families may contribute a $15 annual technology fee to participate in the shared maintenance program. Under this program the first repair for accidental damage is paid for under the shared maintenance program pool. 

Northampton Area Middle School room 137 will serve as the tech support hub for our middle school students.

Northampton Area High School room 1409 will serve as the tech support hub for high school students.

Northampton Cyber Academy students who require technical support will report to the respective tech room in their home school. High School room 1409, Middle School room 137. Elementary student families should call their home-based school to arrange an appointment. Technicians are only in elementary schools half days.

Any students in school who require technical support may report to the respective tech room with the approval of their classroom teacher. 
  • Students will be provided with a loaner laptop when repairs require more than a few minutes.
  • The goal is to return students to the learning environment fully functional.

Northampton Area School District Technology Services has been preparing the technical infrastructure to support a digital learning environment.

District-wide, high-bandwidth wireless infrastructure is capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous devices. The District increases internet bandwidth as use grows. 

With an eye toward the future, fiber optic cable connections between and within our schools ensures the scalability to support Project PR.I.D.E.

The District has established partnerships with technology vendors to ensure our technical staff has the training and support necessary. District technicians have received the training and certifications from trusted vendors such as Dell.

In collaboration with our Business Education and Technology teaching staff, Northampton Area SD Technology Services is planning a student-led help desk to provide real-world experience and valuable service to the school community. More information will be posted as this exciting initiative unfolds.

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