1. 2018 Project PRIDE End of Year Procedures for grades 6-11 - Summer Storage

Northampton Area School District has conducted comprehensive research and evaluated devices for functionality, reliability, security, durability, sustainability, and total cost of ownership.

After evaluating the learning tasks involved in project-based and inquiry learning such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving the committee has identified the Chromebook computer.

The District continues to adopt web-based and device independent instructional resources. The Chromebook meets all of the requirements of the evaluation committee.

To help protect the Chromebook during transport the District has evaluated a number of laptop cases. Each student will be provided with a padded case in which to transport the Chromebook. Bump Armor specifically makes laptop cases for students and schools.

Would you like to add a little extra drop protection and protect your Chromebook from scratches or bumps. Would you like to personalize with school appropriate stickers?
  • NOTE: Grade 6 is issued the Acer C732T Chromebook. As this is a new model there are no hardshell protective cases that we are aware of just yet.
  • Grades 8, 9, and 10 - Get the iPearl mCover for Dell Chromebook 11, 2015 model 3120 - Approx. $19.99
  • Grades 7 and 11 - Get the iPearl mCover for HP Chromebook G5 Education Edition - Approx. $19.99
  • Available in various colors.
  • Be SURE to purchase the iPearl mCover for the correct model Chromebook. There is a 2014 Dell Chromebook and the cases are different. There are a variety of HP Chromebooks
HP Chromebook G5 EE  2017 Northampton Chromebook bag