Welcome to NASD Project PRIDE

Project-based, Inquiry-based, Digitally Enriched learning.

Since 2007, Northampton Area School District has been enhancing instruction with technology resources. Spurred in part by the PA Classrooms for the Future program and most recently by the Keystones to Opportunities grant, the District has invested in training and equipment including computers, document cameras, interactive projectors, video studios, and much more.

Careful planning, site visits, research, and committee work has prepared our District to further pursue our Project PRIDE Learning Initiative where inquiry-based learning including both project-based and process-based learning, as well as authentic problem solving are at the heart of what we do.

These proven student centered learning techniques require world class learning tools. All students and staff will require tools that enable collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Learning will require students and teachers to have real-time access to local, regional, and world-wide sources of information.

Just as important, staff and students will require the training and support necessary to provide the experiences of Project PRIDE.

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